Health Care Professions

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Air Force Reserve medical units are located throughout the United States. Those who live near a medical unit can generally expect to be assigned within commuting distance of their homes.

Opportunities exist to perform special tours of active duty in the U.S. Air Force medical facilities around the world. See unique locations and experience the country while on duty or take advantage of "space available" travel on military aircraft within the United States and its territories.

If you've been considering volunteer work or missionary work that's exciting and gives you a great sense of pride in a job well done, the Air Force Reserve can give you that and so much more. In addition to knowing that you have made a difference, you receive the added benefits of loan repayment and education plus the opportunity for humanitarian and peacetime missions. Contact a recruiter to learn about eligibility requirements, benefits, time commitment and more.

Reserve medical units normally meet one weekend each month. This weekend is divided into four 4-hour periods and is designated as a Unit Training Assembly, or UTA. Additionally, each unit performs a 15-day period of active duty (also called an annual tour). Healthcare professionals join as commissioned officers. You'll enjoy the challenges and rewards of senior leadership.

By joining the Air Force Reserve as a healthcare professional, you can make a significant impact on the world and your career. Air Force Reservists are ready to protect freedom at a moment's notice because of outstanding healthcare professionals like you. You will be among the most valued and respected members of our ranks. All types of healthcare professionals are needed to fill many roles. See how you can develop your career while helping to defend freedom at home and overseas.