Paralegal (5J0X1) Qualifications

  • If prior military, including reserve or guard in any AFSC, have acquired a 5 skill level or higher
  • Minimum General AFQE score: 51
  • Minimum typing speed: 25 wpm
  • Formal interviews by the Law Office Superintendent and Staff Judge Advocate at:
    • CAT A: Reserve unit of application
    • CAT B: Any base-level active duty Air Force legal office
    • Guard: ANG unit of application

How to Apply

  • Reserve Paralegal
  • Download and complete all required forms and documents listed in Paralegal Checklist
  • Choose an option for submission of application:
  • ANG Paralegal
  • Follow the steps in the ANG paralegal accession guide


Got questions regarding the Paralegal Corps (either Reserve or ANG)? Please email us at