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Biomedical Scientist

Overview: Biomedical Scientists plan and administer multi-disciplinary programs and activities to keep healthcare professionals informed of new concepts, procedures and techniques. 

Position: Officer


Specific Tasks: 

  • Develops, evaluates and interprets policies in health-related activities, to include areas such as technical training, research, clinical practice, therapeutics and operational support
  • Coordinates policies for procurement, assignment, classification, selection and training
  • Monitors and directs biomedical sciences programs. Inspects biomedical sciences activities.
  • Advises medical facility commanders on establishing manning, equipping and operating biomedical units and activities
  • Confers with medical facility commanders and staff members on biomedical information systems requirements and procedures


    • This is not an entry level position. Must possess an awarded AFSC of 42X3/4 or 43X3/4
    • Currently assigned to a valid, funded UMD authorization designated for AFSC 43B3/4