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Contracting Officer

Overview: The government has to be run with fiscal accountability and demonstration of a valid return on investment as key principles. Contracting Officers manage all aspects of the contracting process, including acquisition planning, solicitation, cost/price analysis, evaluation of offers, source selection, awards and contract administration.

Position:  Officer


Specific Tasks:

  • Perform acquisition planning to include analyzing purchase requests and determining proper contracting method and contract type 
  • Prepare and distribute solicitations 
  • Evaluate offers to include cost or price analysis, contractor responses and contractor suitability 
  • Select contract source, assemble contract and make award 
  • Administer contract to ensure compliance


  • An undergraduate degree in business, management, marketing, economics, engineering, biomedical sciences, mathematics and statistics, applied sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, history, foreign languages, public administration, cultural studies, English, legal studies, law or psychology is desireable
  • Commission as an officer in the Air Force Reserve


  • For those without a prior military service commission, successful completion of the nine week Officer Training School at Maxwell AFB, AL is required