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Cyber Warfare Operations

Overview: Cyber Warfare Operations is a recently established career field that is open only to Air Force service members as a retrain-only specialty. The majority of airmen retraining into Cyber Warfare Operations are transferring from the Cyber Support and Intelligence career fields.

Position:  Enlisted


Specific Tasks:

  • Direct personnel and cyberspace warfare operations 
  • Conduct network attack, network defense, and network exploitation operations using on-net tools, techniques and procedures to achieve COCOM and national objectives  
  • Develop and execute tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP)  
  • Establish performance standards, train and conduct evaluations to ensure personnel are proficient, qualified, and certified


  • This is not an entry level position 
  • Open to Air Force service members only with prior qualification and experience in Cyber Support, Intelligence or related technological fields  
  • Mandatory knowledge of computer operating systems, software applications, protocols, addressing and hardware  
  • ASVAB score of 64 on General   
  • Demonstrated weight lift of 40 pounds
  • Minimum score of 60 on the Air Force Electronic Data Processing Test (EDPT).
  • Eligibility for Top Secret clearance


  • Initial qualification training and mission qualification training is at Hurlburt Field, FL 
  • After determining eligibility, the first 85 days of Initial Skills Training is at Keesler AFB, MS

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  • Cyber Security