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Overview:  Military history is filled with events and stories of bravery, courage, sacrifice, victory and defeat that have determined to a large extent, the status and role of our country today. The documentation and preservation of this rich history is the responsibility of Air Force Reserve Historians, who also prepare and present historical studies and papers that meet critical research standards.

Position:  Enlisted


Specific Tasks:

  • Provide historical research and reference services 
  • Maintain historical document repository 
  • Prepare historical publications 
  • Write well organized, fully documented, analytical narratives


  • Prior military service is required; this is not an entry level position. 
  • Prior qualification in any AFSC at the 5-skill level or higher (3-skill level if no 5-skill level exists) 
  • Overall rating of 4 or 5 on last five enlisted performance reports 
  • Outstanding military bearing and conduct 
  • No record of an Article 15 or conviction by court-martial 
  • No record of conviction by a civilian court except for minor traffic violations and similar infractions 
  • Type at rate of 20 words per minute 
  • ASVAB score of 72 on General 
  • Demonstrated weight lift of 40 pounds
  • Eligibility for Top Secret security clearance
  • Ability to speak English clearly and distinctly


  • Technical Training - 20 days at Maxwell AFB, AL 
  • College credit earned:  Aerospace Historian - credits vary 

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  • Historian