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Overview: To run efficiently, large organizations require effective structures and procedures to allocate personnel and resources.  Manpower specialists develop and refine the personnel, planning and organizational structures so that the right people are in the right positions at the right time. 

Position: Enlisted


Specific Tasks: 

  • Evaluates Air Force organization structures for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Develops and maintains standardized Air Force organizational structures and manpower standards 
  • Allocates and controls position mix among military, civilian, and contract personnel to ensure mission accomplishment with the most efficient and effective use of resources 
  • Improves performance through planning, designing, advising, and facilitating organizational and functional processes 


  • Prior qualification in any AFSC at the 5-skill level or higher (3-skill level if no 5-skill level exists).
  • Minimum ASVAB score of 66 on General 
  • Proficiency with computer desktop applications (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation) is required
  • Certification by the Installation Manpower Office Chief that the individual has been interviewed and is acceptable for entry into the AFSC. 
  • Never received nonjudicial punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) which resulted in either reduction or suspended reduction in grade, or correctional custody.
  • No record of disciplinary action for financial irresponsibility

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