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Equal Opportunity

Overview: Promoting an environment where individuals are treated equally regardless of race, color, religion, national origin or sex is the role of Equal Opportunity personnel. They supervise and manage the Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) and Human Relations Education (HRE) programs as well as varied educational initiatives. This is not an entry level position and involves coordination with base commanders to resolve conditions that impact operations and mission effectiveness. 

Position: Enlisted


Specific Tasks: 

  • Plan, organize and direct MEO and HRE activities 
  • Provide advice, consultation, education, mediation and referral services 
  • Advise commanders, supervisors and personnel with possible solutions to MEO concerns 
  • Provide oversight on special interest items as dictated by higher headquarters, e.g., sexual harassment, dissident and protest


  • Completion of college courses in English, social science, psychology, sociology, human resources and behavior, organizational development and speech are desirable
  • Not an entry level position, requires prior military service; minimum grade E-5 or E-5 select with less than 12 years of total military service
  • Must be qualified in primary AFSC and possess the appropriate skill level commensurate with grade/rank
  • Must interview for position and have a memorandum/recommendation summarizing observance IAW AFI 36-2706
  • Written recommendation from the unit commander
  • Outstanding appearance, high moral standards and exceptional military bearing and conduct
  • Ability to speak distinctly and communicate, both written and verbal, with others 
  • No record of Equal Opportunity issues or violations, substandard performance, emotional instability, personality disorder or other unresolved mental health problems 
  • No record of disciplinary action (Letter of Reprimand [LOR] or Article 15) for committing acts of misconduct or engaging in an unprofessional or inappropriate relationship, or documented failures to exercise sound leadership principles with respect to morale or welfare of subordinates and peers, leadership or customers
  • Never been convicted by a civilian court of Category 1, 2 or 3 offenses, nor exceeded the accepted number of Category 4 offenses. Category 3 and 4 minor traffic violations and similar infractions are not disqualifying.
  • No record of substance abuse, financial irresponsibility, domestic violence or child abuse
  • Never been convicted by a general, special or summary courts-martial
  • Never received nonjudicial punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) which resulted in either reduction or suspended reduction in grade, or correctional custody
  • No record of previous failure to graduate from a formal EO training course
  • Must maintain minimum grade of E-5 
  • ASVAB score of 41 on Administrative or 44 on General
  • Completion of college courses in English, social science, psychology, sociology, human resources and behavior, organizational development and speech are desirable

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