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Missile and Space System Maintenance

Overview: Military missiles may place astronauts in orbit or deliver weapons in combat and their guidance, mechanical, fuel and other systems are highly complex. It’s the role of Missile and Space Systems Maintenance specialists to ensure that all systems are functioning optimally on a 24/365 basis.  

Position: Enlisted


Specific Tasks: 

  • Performs missile maintenance actions at support base, launch, launch control and storage facilities, and ensures compliance with international treaties 
  • Performs preventive maintenance inspections and electrical tests on missiles; missile components; launch and launch control facilities; support vehicles; hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Performs intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) coding activities
  • Supervises transportation, assembly and inspection of space lift booster and payload functions, their subsystems, and support equipment
  • Performs and evaluates laboratory R&D activities 


  • Completion of high school is mandatory
  • ASVAB score of 47 on Mechanical 
  • Screened for eligibility and meet requirements of the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) 
  • Freedom from acrophobia (fear of heights) or claustrophobia
  • Passing color vision, as defined by correctly identifying at least 10 of 14 Ishihara Plates
  • Qualification to operate government vehicles
  • Eligibility for Top Secret security clearance


  • Candidates without prior military experience are required to attend 8.5 weeks of Basic Military Training (BMT) at JB San Antonio-Lackland, TX; followed by Technical Training

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