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Medical Service Corps Officers

Those responsible for ensuring this operational readiness are Medical Service Corps officers, who are essentially the health administrators who train, support, and guide Air Force Reserve medical professionals. 

Air Force Reserve MSC officers are team players who bring expertise, professionalism and dedication to the table. Management skills and flexibility are must haves, in order to make valuable impacts at their assigned units and deployed locations.

"Leadership is job number one for the MSC," states Col. Robert Sousa, the Air Force Reserve deputy command surgeon and an MSC officer by trade. 

"Nurses and doctors train to care for people. MSCs train to support and guide them administratively. Generally speaking, MSCs are your administrative experts."

One of the educational conditions toward becoming a commissioned officer and earning the "MSC" title is holding an undergraduate, or graduate, degree in a health or business-related field, like health services, business administration, or healthcare management. 

"We come from a variety of civilian and military backgrounds and serve as leaders in the military medical system," states Col. Sousa, "MSC officers are the Airmen other medical career fields look to for military mentoring and professional military guidance”

MsC 2" To accomplish the Reserve medical mission, traditional Reserve MSCs and air reserve technicians serve in a variety of roles in aeromedical evacuation, aeromedical staging, the Expeditionary Medical System, en route care, and aerospace medicine."

Air Force Reserve MSC officers’ duties include areas such as managing staff and programs, setting policies and budgets and handling mission-specific assets. 

Learn how you can put your medical and administrative expertise to use in the Air Force Reserve by calling our Advisors at 1-800-257-1212.