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Religious Services

Overview: The Chaplain Service renders spiritual care and ethical leadership to military members and their families.  Religious Services personnel perform supporting functions that are essential in executing the Chaplain Service's core processes; religious observances, pastoral care and advice to leadership regarding spiritual, religious, ethical and moral concerns.

Position: Enlisted


Specific Tasks: 

  • Manage and apply personnel, logistics and professional resources to support chapel-based, unit, medical and deployed ministries 
  • Obtain and operate multimedia systems 
  • Coordinate religious observances with medical and mortuary affairs personnel 
  • Apply knowledge of religious cultures, suicide and crisis intervention, and stress management to support chaplain emergency ministrations


  • Current qualification in any AFSC at the 5-skill level or higher (or 3-skill level if no 5-skill level exists)
  • Ability to speak distinctly 
  • No history of emotional instability, personality disorder or other unresolved mental health problems
  • No convictions by courts-martial or convictions by a civilian court except for minor traffic violations and similar infractions listed in AFI 36-2002
  • No record of disciplinary action for financial irresponsibility, domestic violence or child abuse
  • Never convicted in civil or UCMJ proceedings (to include judicial and nonjudicial punishment) for any type of drug abuse or drug-related offense
  • No history of disciplinary action (Article 15 or court martial) for engaging in an unprofessional or inappropriate relationship
  • No history of disciplinary action (Letter of Reprimand [LOR] or Article 15) for failure to exercise sound leadership with respect to morale or welfare of subordinates
  • No history of disciplinary action (LOR, Article 15) for displaying religious bias or unauthorized disclosure of privileged/confidential communication 
  • ASVAB score of 44 on General or 35 on Administrative 
  • Recommendation by the Wing Chaplain and Superintendent/NCOIC, Chapel Operations, that the individual is acceptable for entry into the career field and approval by MAJCOM Chaplain Assistant Functional Manager
  • Completion of courses in English composition, accounting, computer operations, world religions and human behavior is desirable

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