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Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Combat Systems Officer

Overview: Remotely Piloted Aircraft have changed the entire scope of battlefield operations, while minimizing the possibility of downed pilots. RPA CSOs operate specialized mission aircraft and command flight crews to accomplish reconnaissance, surveillance, combat and other missions. In addition, they perform essential mission planning, training and monitoring. 

Position: Officer


Specific Tasks: 

  • Plans and prepares for mission, including tasking, intelligence and weather information
  • Operates aircraft, commands crew, and supervises navigation, surveillance, reconnaissance and weapons 
  • Conducts or supervises training of crewmembers
  • Develops plans and policies, monitors operations and advises commanders


  • Bachelor’s Degree; an undergraduate degree specializing in physical sciences, mathematics, administration or management is desirable
  • Commission as an officer in the Air Force Reserve


  • For those without a prior military service commission, successful completion of the eight-week Officer Training School at Maxwell AFB, AL is required 

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