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Scientific Applications Specialist

Overview: Scientific Applications specialists gather and analyze data to detect when and where nuclear weapons have been tested/utilized. Entry into this specialty requires high scores on ASVAB (Electrical and Mechanical) and Electronics Data Processing Tests. 

Position: Enlisted


Specific Tasks: 

  • Perform data collection, analysis, observation, acquisition, maintenance, research and development, laboratory functions, and fielding of prototype and operational sensors on (including, but not limited to) specialized geophysical, nuclear radiation, radiochemical, electro-optical, radio frequency, infrared, radar, and rapidly deployable and fixed airborne collection platforms.
  • Process and analyze scientific data to derive, develop, integrate, and report information


  • HS diploma or GED.
  • ASVAB score of 88 on Mechanical and 85 on Electrical 
  • Minimum score of 57 on the Electronics Data Processing Test
  • Normal color vision
  • Eligibility for Top Secret security clearance


  • Candidates without prior military experience are required to attend 8.5 weeks of Basic Military Training (BMT) at JB San Antonio-Lackland, TX; followed by Technical Training

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